Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chevrolet Beat LPG loaded with SMARTECH

Chevrolet Beat LPG powered with SMARTECH engine is driving its ways in the showrooms on Friday. The new car model is equipped with new injection technology which fades away the problems in the conventional LPG kits. The SMARTECH 1.2 litre powertrain will deliver the fuel economy of 13.29 kmpl with LPG maintaining the low NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) level and also high responsiveness in the petrol engine. The fuel range of 1000 kms is additional gift in the car. Chevrolet Beat LPG generates power of 80.4 PS @ 6400 rpm, moreover the peak torque will be 104 Nm @ 4400 rpm. Chevrolet Beat Chevrolet Beat LPG version comes with varied advantages such as less weight, there will be no power loss, also corrosion resistance and more. The car has been engineered cleverly as the LPG has been positioned well inside the bonnet rather than stuffing it in the boot space area, which will provide enough room for the luggage. The biggest advantage the new car scores in is it can transverse from petrol to LPG or vice verse without feeling any jerks. Chevrolet Beat LPG also wins brownie points as its offers a cashless maintenance scheme of 3 years or 45000 kms which ever comes first. Chevrolet BeatThe new car which offers the LPG option along with the petrol version is sure to mark its presence in the Indian auto market as with the continuous rise in the petrol prices it seems a blessing. It is also beneficial for those who wish to own a LPG car but due to the infrastructure issues as not many LPG filling stations are available compared to the petrol filing stations. Chevrolet Beat The button to switch which will convert the fuel option is on the dashboard and also it comes with the technology where the fuel is exhausted the car will smartly switch to the LPG version. The makers have been quite smart with the technology and the selection of the car as India holds 70 per cent on the auto market in the small car segment. After the launch it can be said that the company is expected to hit the bulls eye.

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Thanks for the review.It is a good car in the family sector.And most like it for the convenient size for the nuclear families of today.