Monday, February 7, 2011

BPG Motors to launch UNO I, UNO II and UNO III electric bikes in India

BPG motors have come up with their latest designs of electric bikes that are all set to be launched in the Indian market. The new ranges of electric bikes manufactured by the BPG motors are very efficient and are sure to rock the Indian market with their unique features. The three models that are to launched by the BPG motors are UNO I, UNO II and UNO III. These three models of the company are ready to be launched soon in India. The launching dates are not yet announced, but are expected to be coming soon to the Indian markets. Bajaj has reported to launch new Bajaj Discover and Bajaj Boxer in India in coming months. Bpg Uno The BPG motors bike models are going to rock the Indian market with their unique features. There are various features of the bikes that will attract the customers. The first and the foremost feature is the look of the bike. BPG motors have given an attractive and stunning look to the bike and thus customers will be just crazy about the bikes. The second feature is these bikes are eco friendly bikes. These bikes do not pollute the air and they do not create noise pollution. These bikes are totally soundless. The body designs of the bikes are very unique from other bikes. The bikes are available in many shades and graphics. A wide range of colors are available for the bikes. The efficiency of the bikes is very good. No energy transmission takes place and thus the performance of the bikes is mind blowing Bpg Uno The three models of the BPG motors are having unique specification. The body of the bikes is made of fiber frames. The engine is very powerful and is operated by electricity. The bike is provided by good head lamps which gives a proper focus at the night time. The tail light of the bike is also very nice. Since it is not operated by fuel, these bikes do not have any fuel tank and instead of that the engine is placed on that place. The UNO III engine is totally at the front side and the seat for the rider is at the rear portion of the bike. The design of the bikes and the seats are made in such fashion to provide maximum comfort to the riders. Bajaj Discover The price of the UNO II in India is set to be Rs. 45, 000. The price of UNO III in India is set to around Rs. 50, 000. BPG motors are expecting to rock the Indian market with these bikes.

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