Thursday, January 13, 2011

Zen Pad next to visit India

The Zen Pad is a tablet which is going to be available in India very soon. The Zen Pad has become very popular all over the world and now the Indians also want to get the experience of the Zen Pad. The estimated price of Zen Pad in India will be Rs. 20,000. The Zen Pad has some extra ordinary features. It has a 7 inch TFT touchscreen display. The display screen has a high resolution support that can present a crystal clear view. The handset has a weight of 109 gram. The phone has dimensions of 115 x 62.5 x 11.5 millimeter. The Zen Pad has a high resolution camera of 3.15 MP that can produce high definition images with resolution of 2048 x 1536.The 3.15 MP camera is very good and good quality images are ensured. It also has a video recorder that can capture high quality videos. The phone offers wireless connectivity of Bluetooth. The Zen Pad and USB connector is also available. The phone also has GPRS connectivity for internet use. It has an internet browser that supports WAP. It is also Java enabled. The Zen Pad has a lot of attractive games built in and more games can be downloaded from internet as well. The network supported by Zen Pad is Tri Band. Zen Pad The Zen Pad is a very good phone for the music lovers. The phone is enriched with excellent music features to keep the users entertained though it does not have a FM radio. It includes a media player that can play media files with various formats. It can play video files which give very good sound and picture quality. It supports ring tones of MP3 and polyphonic formats. It also supports almost unlimited phone number entry and photo call facility. It has MIcroSD memory card support that is expandable up to 32 GB. The Zen Pad includes basic messaging feature such as SMS, MMS, Instant Messaging, Email etc. The Instant Messaging feature let the user chat with friends on the phone. The Zen Pad has a powerful Battery that has high capacity to provide the users with long talk time and stand by time. Zen Pad Now days, the mobile phone users now look for something more attractive, smart and feature enriched. For them, the Zen Pad is a perfect one. It has a good camera, wireless connectivity and high quality audio and video player which are mostly desired by the users. So the phone is going to be a popular one in India after it arrives.

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