Monday, January 31, 2011

Now Bajaj Discover may named Hamara Discover

Bajaj is the brand name who gives the India a unique identification in the international automobile industry. The brand that gave India the slogan 'Hamara Bajaj’ is also the Bajaj. The brand that has always given the feeling of being own, loyal, local yet better than international is “Hamara Bajaj”. Now Bajaj is going to drop their family name. Removing the brand name is not an unusual event in Europe and other foreign countries but will certainly in India is the first in automobile industry. Bajaj Discover Bajaj is the 2nd largest top bike manufacturing company in India. With a market cap of Rs. 37,800 crore the Bajaj is undergoing the most radical change after four years from the three ways splitting of the company. The leader of this mega transition is non other than the Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj. After just 3 months from now Hamara Bajaj could be Hamara discover. There are three version of Bajaj Discover and the entire version are successful to make enough market in the Indian automobile industry especially among the young generation. In a recent interview managing director of Bajaj, Mr. Rajiv Bajaj stated his interest in removing the Bajaj brand name from its product and its place, establish the discover and pulsar as the separate brand in its own light. According to him they also started the process of removing the brand name as we can see in the pulsar that Bajaj is used only in the engine chassis. If it is true then Indian automobile industry will see a new mega change in its history. The change might be done for Bajaj Pulsar as well. Bajaj Discover It could not be forecasted that, will this change good for market and Bajaj or not. But according to the Bajaj himself, he doesn’t like this name (Bajaj) any more. Now all the Bajaj Discover version are launched under HAMARA Bajaj brand and not the Bajaj. The plan of Mr. Bajaj is to drop the name ‘Bajaj’ completely one day, and this change is seen the first step of that dream of Bajaj. As the Rajiv Bajaj (M.D. Bajaj) this change creates a perception that there is something new in the product. This is the rebranding process of Bajaj. This is the new trend in Indian automobile industry, and it is suppose that after the Bajaj, other brand may get involve in this process how ever it is depend on the success rate of Bajaj’s rebranding process. Hope that the new trend in this industry will be successful.

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