Saturday, January 8, 2011

LG Optimus Black upcoming mobile in India

LG Electronics disclosed a fresh Android smartphone which is named as LG Optimus Black on the year of 2011. The price of this model is not yet available. We hope the price will not be so high and will be much affordable for all mobile lover. The thickness of this mobile is just 9.2 mm and due this less thickness, it looks superb. This smartphone from LG is well equipped with a signing display of 4-inch NOVA which includes 700 nits of brightness to give optimal visibility. This smartphone from LG gives easier option to its consumers with an extra natural experience while browsing the intent, writing documents, reading emails, with higher points of brightness and natural white tones that bring true black with white colors to give an ideal look for handset. The LG Optimus Black contains NOVA display which helps in reducing power consumption and saves more than 50 percent power during common indoor use evaluated to a usual LCD. LG Optimus Black In the case of AMOLED display, the consummation of power is twice than the NOVA for displaying a full white screen. The great feature of LG Optimus Black is the easy access of of messages, missed calls, emails from the locked screen by one finger tap and this is possible because of UI 2.0 software. The Wi-Fi Direct option is for providing super quality data transfer among devices that include such options. The battery capacity of this mobile is 500mAh battery. The camera is front-facing in this model with 2MP which is just good enough for photo quality. NOVA technology which controls LG Optimus Black also helps in enabling all of its users to maintain high quality visibility whether they are under outdoors strong sunlight or indoors shadow. LG Optimus Black With the 9.2 mm ultra slim design of LG Optimus, it is only 109g in weigh. The sleek lines of LG Optimus provide a superb look. The smooth edges of this model is for improving handle grip. This is the second best slimiest model that the world has ever produced. This comes with most unique feature compared to other mobiles. The unique feature of this model includes the flush and perfect finishing for front display which is achieved by imaginatively hiding design with Invisible Receiver following the edges of latest LG Optimus.
LG Optimus Black Price not yet disclosed to read more of LG Optimus Review check here

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