Saturday, January 15, 2011

First Turbo Charged Super Bike in India BMW S 1000RR coming soon

BMW which is renowned for its four wheelers and has done well in this sector has recently revealed the world's first turbo-charged BMW S 1000RR. The new bike will have new and unique technologies that no other bike can match as it will have the latest technology. This technology is therefore expected to make the bike to be a good is being incorporated with latest and new technologies which will control and make the bike a good performer. The captivating bike is very impressive and assures to captivate the eye of the on lookers. The acute look of the upcoming BMW S 1000RR is sure to attract the huge number of bike lovers in India. Though the price has not yet been mentioned, it will be named soon. BMW S 1000RR The huge body of the new BMW S 1000RR is stylish, classy and impressive. This bike has some stylish head lamps placed in the front part of the bike and they make the ike to look very elegant and they give good light when it is dark. The turn indicators of the bike are gracefully placed near the handlebars that look very aristocratic. The all new BMW S 1000RR have a low seat for the driver and the raised up seat for the pillion giving the iconic status to the brand. The fuel tank is also different and holds good amount of fuel. The new bike is being packed with broad and stylish wheels which look sporty and belligerent. BMW S 1000RR The length of new BMW S 1000 RR accounts is 2056 mm, while the height is 1138mm and width 826mm. The bike comes with a total weight of 390 Kilo grams. The Curb weight is of 183 kilo grams making it a huge bike with a saddle height of 820 mm. The weight carrying capacity of the bike is 187 kilo grams. The BMW S 1000RR is to fuel efficient as well as dynamic in that it will be consuming 17.8 kilometers per liter and it will have a fuel tank with a capacity of 17.5 liters. The bike will have an engine of 999 cc in capacity and it will be using liquid cooling technology. This bike can produce a high power up to193 hp and an impressive torque of 112 Nm. The trendy BMW S 1000RR is to be made available in many shades. But the exact detail of the colors has not been disclosed yet by the company. The company is known for its ever efficient and excellent products and with this new model as well promises to maintain the same. The bike is accommodated with a 1000 cc of engine capacity that is to assure its users with an incredible power of 193 bhp which is way better than many other bikes in the market.

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