Friday, December 31, 2010

Motorola Droid Xoom coming soon table mobile

I was recently looking for a new phone when Motorola Droid Xoom caught my attention. It's was just released recently around July of this year, 2010. The cost of this is around $250 to $280 which is not a bad price because of all the features that it has. This phone looks very sleek, chic, classy and stylish because of the wide touch screen which is the currently the trend to phones. At 13.7, it is one of the thinnest QWERTY sliders so if you're into typing, blogging or texting you can just use the keypad instead but as for the color it is only available in black though. Checking messages is made easier via threaded view t friendly. It has long battery life that can be used for 385min and standby time up until 270 hrs. It features android OS, v2.1 (eclair) that can be upgradable to v2.2 and a TI OMAP 3630-1000 1 GHZ processor. Motorola Droid Xoom If you're a person on the go, this would likely fit you because it has Wi-Fi for browsing the internet for emails or just checking Facebook. It also comes with a applications for GPS, Google maps, Google search, Google talk, Gmail, YouTube, adobe flash 10.1, a document viewer, organizer and can also do voice commands if you're simply driving your car. It can view Microsoft word files or PDF files. This can come very handy with business or office function. It also comes with MIcroSD of 16 GB upgradable to 32 GB for mass storage. You also hook this to your personal computer via USB data cable or even connect to a TV output that can be useful for presentations. If you're the type who to shoot moments at the palm of your hand, this can be done through with its high resolution camera that has 5megapixels with dual led flash. You can also take note that Motorola Droid Xoom as a zoom up to four times and has face detection. You can also edit you're stuff by using tools for cropping, rotating or geo tagging and can view various types of images like BMP, PNG, GIR or JPEG. Of course, if it comes with a powerful camera feature, it would be expected that it comes with a player that not only can play mp3 but stream video with a DVD quality that has a 24 fps capture. Motorola Droid Xoom also supports radio too. Because it has a wide screen, it would be great if you could watch a movie or even play games.

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