Friday, November 19, 2010

Asus "Eee Pad", 10" PC tablet to launch in India

With intention to meet the needs of all kinds of customers in India, Asus has plans to launch its “Eee Pad”, A 10” PC tablet. PC tablets are quite popular in India and all brands such as Dell, Samsung and Lenovo have come up with such advanced gadgets. The most recently launched in India are the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Olive Pad. Following the suit is Android 2.3 Operating System based 10 inch Eee Pad from Asus. Android 2.3 Gingerbread is the latest OS and an upgrade of popular Android 2.2 (Froyo). Developed by Google, this is the most advanced smartphone operating system. It will be out in open within some days as Asus ten inch pad running on it will be launched. Asus A10Asus Eee pad will be launched in two configurations. The one version will have really commendable and top quality high-end specifications while the other will focus mainly on the basic features. The tablet will be introduced in the first quarter of 2011. The announcement was made by John Chen, the business head of Asus Technology, mobile communication business in India and Middle East. The PC tablet would be so designed that the data and content on this device would be majorly stored online and taken care of by the cloud based services of the company. The need to store data such as contacts and documents on tablet is wiped off. Telling about the Cloud computing, he said that it is a web-based processing with help of which all the shared softwares, resources and vital information is delivered to the users on demand via Internet to smartphone devices. Asus A10This will also help the users owing smartphone versions with lower specs to enjoy the whole range of applications without changing device configuration. Asus has previously launched PC tablets in sizes of 12 inch and 7 inch. They had some peculiar problems such as 7” tablet was not large enough and not pocketable. 12” device was too big. Thus, later they came up with 10” device which was ideal in size and met all the requirements. Asus has also turned from Windows 7 OS to Android for its acceptability and wider usage. A host of connectivity features have been integrated in this tablet such as 3G, WiMax (better form of WiFi) and Bluetooth. The price details of this cool gadget has not been revealed by the company and is still under wraps.

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