Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bajaj, KTM and Kawasaki plans for an tri-alliance

Bajaj Automobiles India Limited, one of the largest two-wheeler market leader, is mulling over to create an potential powerhouse along with its two new joint ventures such as KTM and Kawasaki. Both companies are the most popular sports motorcycles manufacturer brands wordwide. Rajiv Bajaj now wants to do more for company by the jointly developed super-bikes in the Indian auto market. The company is currently discussing for three-way alliance with KTM and Kawasaki. Bajaj Auto is targeting to take the Research & Development and Global Distribution strengthen jointly with KTM and Kawasaki. All three players will be sharing their products and marketing strengths for getting beneficial result of huge cost saving. The low-cost manufacturing models of the company will be offering benefit along with Kawasaki and KTM in the Indian market. Bajaj Auto India is presently selling bikes through Kawasaki network in South East Asia and Latin America. In India, Kawasaki Ninja 250R model is selling through Bajaj's outlets. Bajaj Auto is also planning to launch an upgraded versions of its world's largest sports motorcycle, Kawasaki Ninja soon in India.

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