Monday, July 19, 2010

Dell Aero and Dell Streak to come to India

India is crazy about mobile phones and this is now not a secret. Dell Streak A research shows that mobile connections in India are growing by 27.3 percent in 2010, and more significantly, 82 percent by 2014. The total mobile services revenue in India shall exceed US$23 billion by the year 2014. We are just behind China in this respect as may be because their population is more. Dell Aero Now, to en-cash such a business hub, Dell has come up with smart phones in the Indian mobile market. They have launched Dell Aero and the Dell Streak, the new Windows 7 based Dell Lightning phones. SInce 2009, Dell has actually been in the smartphone market since 2009 but it now shall move to India and boost their popularity in the smartphone world. Price will certainly be a deciding factor in Dell’s market success.

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badrah said...

Please note that Dell Streak is not a windows mobile .. It runs Android!