Monday, May 24, 2010

Wynncom launches seven new dual SIM mobiles in India

Initially, the Wyncomm mobiles, the latest mobile brand launched in India will follow the footprints of Micromax. They will import handsets from China with valid IMEI number and subsequently a mobile phone manufacturing unit will be setup in Himachal Pradesh, India. The new models of Wynncom dual SIM mobile phones that cost less than Rs.5,000 are already launched in India. Wynncom mobiles so launched are a mix of upgrade phones, utility phones and youth phones. Wynncom Y10 Utility phones from Wynncom will have long battery backup and attractive designs. The Wynncom upgrade series mobile phones will be multimedia mobile phones and the Youth series mobile phones will feature QWERTY keypad,social networking applications, Instant messengers. They will come in attractive colors. Wynncom Y22 These seven mobile phones are named as Wynncom Y10, Wynncom Y21, Wynncom Y11, Wynncom Y20, Wynncom Y22, Wynncom Y30, Wynncom Y50. They all are dual SIM cheap mobile phones.The dual SIM mobiles are in good demand for customers who need multiple numbers for meeting needs at work and home. Wynncom Y50 Wynncom mobiles will see competition with other dual SIM players like Micromax, LG etc. in the India mobile market.

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