Saturday, May 15, 2010

HTC EVO 4G to come in June 2010

Wait for a 4G mobile handset from HTC may soon end with launch of HTC EVO 4G handset in June 2010. As speculated, this HTC phone will compete with its contemporary Apple iPhone version. The HTC EVO mobile phone will have smart features like a 4.3" display with pinch-to-zoom facility, 8MP camera with camcorder and a front 1.3MP camera.The handset supports Flash and can play 720 pixels video on an external monitor via HDMI (high-definition multimedia interface) cable. HTC EVO 4G Such a huge screen would let data get transferred at a high speeds via 4G. It will easily tether to many a nearby Pc's and other mobile devices.It will powered on operating system Google's Android 2.1 besides more than 35,000 applications. Sprint has delayed or probably given up the idea to launch Nexus One and instead they will launch EVO after a lawsuit was filed against them by Verizon. The HTC EVO is expected to be unleashed on June 4, 2010, though it is only an estimation as of now.EVO 4G handset will be available at $200 or $600 depending on contract.

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