Tuesday, April 13, 2010

“Save the Earth” with "Sony Ericsson Naite"- eco-friendly mobile phone

As Sony Ericsson introduces Sony Ericsson Naite phone in India, their only aim may not be only to contribute to “Save the Earth” campaign but it will certainly ring bells for Sony Ericsson Naite price is just Rs.6550. This eco-friendly awesome multi-media capable handset has been made with recycled plastic and give out 15% less carbon footprints. The mobile phone is popularly also called as J105 or Green Heart. It comes in colors of Ginger Red and Vapour Silver. Sony Ericsson Naite It is equipped with a bag full of features, more appropriately called as “Green Credentials” such as 2 Mega pixel camera, 2.2” LCD color QVGA TFT display displaying 256k colors, FM Radio, 3D games, video streaming, video clip, YouTube and Java support. It also has great connectivity options such as wireless Bluetooth connection, access to Google maps with synchronization, USB support and modem and USB mass storage. It is also preloaded with EcoMate applications that helps to save power that makes it truly a good choice for those concerned with saving earth and its delicate eco-balance.

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siddhart said...

I think Sony ericsson has taken a good step by launching an eco friendly mobile phone