Friday, April 9, 2010

Samsung “bada” smartphones are economical phone series

Samsung bada means “Ocean” in Korean language. Korean company Samsung which is No.2 mobile phone provider of the world have dreamt and to a great extent have realized the dream of allowing its every user especially of the developing world to use and experience the superb features of a smartphone.Their this vision has been realized with the release of the roadmap of Samsung bada mobile phones. In an article over the Samsung Hub we got a quick look at what Samsung Bada phones that are coming in future. Samsung “bada” offers a great opportunity for consumers with a wider range of smartphone experiences. Samsung Bada Phone Now although there isn’t much detail revealed from the screen capture, apparently all the pictures handset will feature the Bada operating system will be offered to the lower end market in a range of around Rs.16000 in India. Samsung bada offers a feature-rich platform for enhanced mobile experiences for consumers and will allow its users to enjoy the ultimate mobile experience through superb features. Samsung Bada phones will be based on Samsung TouchWiz User Interface which is user friendly, easy, simple and intuitive without demeaning its efficiency. Bada also provides flash control, fine-tuned vibration control,web control, motion sensing and face detection besides supporting sensor-based applications like accelerometers, proximity, tilt, weather and activity sensors.

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