Thursday, April 15, 2010

Motorola iSIM to hit Indian mobile market soon

US based Motorola Inc has plans to launch an iSIM that will aptly replace the mobile users need of keeping and maintaining multiple SIM's or buying a dual SIM mobile phones.This fact is further assured as the iSIM's form, factor and flexibility are compatible with most phones available in India these days. iSIM (intelligent SIM) is a simple flexible wafer (0.4mm thin) that can be attached to subscriber's original SIM card and provides additional services that can be controlled via SIM tool kit (STK).iSIM will cost an Indian buyer less than a new SIM. iSim iSIM is an interesting solution for delivering applications like multiple IMSI profiles, secure enterprise message,smart dialer, m-banking.Plus some services and enhanced capabilities can also be delivered by iSIM. SIM is simply awesome as it can address most of the SIM based devices. Multiple SIM phones market is fastest growing market in India. Motorola is already in talks with Indian telecom service for the same.Motorola's iSIM will come to India most likely by the end of 2010 and is already a hit in countries like China.

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