Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fortune Mobiles foray in India

Fortune Groups, a four hundred crores Company is venturing into Mobile Domain of India with their new Fortune mobiles models at a very economical price. Precisely, Fortune Mobiles Prices in India is very much in range of a broad category of mobile customers. Fortune F45 All the newly launched Fortune mobiles are in the price range below Rs.5000. Fortuner F45 comes at a price of Rs.5000, it is a camera touch phone. Fortuner F35 and Fortuner F28 are Dual SIM touch phones that can be fetched at a price of Rs.4000. Then, there is Fortuner F34, a dual SIM camera phone at Rs.4500. With their kind of technology and Telecom pricing, Fortune Mobile links geographically far off locations ably to create a global network of contact centers. Fortune F28 Their operating environments are such that lower customers risk, make services flexible and reduce their costs. To explain the above mentioned fact, you can cite this as an example. Supposedly, one can incubate programs in Fortune Mobiles in India as Associates local facility and branch out to one of our offshore locations, such as Mumbai, as your call volumes increases.

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