Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LG GD 510 or "LG Pop" - Simplest Touchphone

The LG GD 510 is a stylish touchscreen phone, looks stunning, is available at ultra-low price and yet delivers all the essentials in areas like communication, multimedia and entertainment. It has a compact form and its popular name is "LG POP". This will remind you of all the LG phones that were named in a similar fashion like Chocolate, Arena and Viewty. LG GD 510 LG Pop has been designed to give people the best of features present in a smartphone and touchphones– making it an extremely easy to use touchscreen phone without all the features of the smartphone, but which is still extremely user-friendly, classy and fun to operate. It’s also a lot cheaper. Smartphone features like syncing of email contacts with phone and desktop, constant connection to web etc. are however been intentionally eluded from this phone. However, its most outstanding feature is its unique solar charging panel. LG Pop specifications- 3 inch WQVGA touchscreen 3 MP camera& Video camera MP3 & Video player Single button for call activation and cancellation Web browser FM Radio 3G connectivity with EDGE/GPRS Bluetooth USB 2.0 8GB internal memory All in all, LG GD 510 has anything and everything you need from a mobile phone and easily accessible too, using its intuitive

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