Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nokia plans one Linux phone

The world's largest mobile company, plans to install Linux software next year. The Finnish Firm has started to invest on Internet in recent years. The company has taken a stand in taking a key role in cell phone battle with Apple iPhone. Nokia Linux Maemo operating system is seen as a key for the top cellphone maker in the battle against Apple's iPhone, and many analysts and industry player have expected to roll out numerous Linux model already next year. Nokia started its first Linux Cellphone, the top of the range 0of the mobile is Nokia N900. Nokia plans one Linux phone 'Nokia need to work on Symbian and they have to hit the product' said Gartner Analysts Carolina Milanesi. The Maemo operating system will be updated in 2010, with full Qt technology which enables software developer to create application for different operating system, i phone like touchscreen and tighter integration of Nokia. 'Launching one Maemo phone is not a big deal for nokia when Nokia can develop iPhone without standout design' said Analyst Neil Mawton on Wednesday. Nokia's competitor Samsung gave up unbeat forecast 2009 mobile phone sales on Monday due to sharp growth in touch screen mobile phones. On Wednesday Nokia marketing head said that' Company has no plans to sell their manufacturing plants. He added that , 'logisticand manufacturing are an important and a core part of business and we have no plans to change till date.' Nokia shares closed 1.1 percent lower at 8.77 euro in Helsinki, and outperforming a 1.6 percent weaker Dow Stoxx European Technology Index.

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