Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Nokia E 72

Nokia E72 is a high performance mobile for business and personal communication. It is build on the formula from Nokia's most successful mobile N 71and with new functions like chat and email experiences. New  Nokia E 72 This latest version of Nokia has Ovi Maps with A-GPS navigation and compass, 5 megapixal camera beautifully design and a sleek contemporary designed integrated QWERTY keypad.The E72 mobile can also accommodate multiple work and email, separate profile for work and play , which will be comfortable for the user to choose. The handset is up grated with 10.2Mbps connection over HSDPA.The audio jack is also upgrated with 3.5mm jack.Nokia E72 is coming first time user can set up with Yahoo Messenger, messaging direct from home screen,google talk and voice chat. People can chat and respond multiple communities across the world at the same time.72
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