Thursday, August 27, 2009

WiMAX in 90 days!

WiMAX technology Wait for the implementation of 20 Mhz spectrum and you will see the difference. After the implementation 150 cities in India would have wireless broadband through WiMAX technology in just 90 days. The 20 MHz spectrum is allotted at the base reserve price of 250 million dollars (Rs.1010 crores) to four operators in each circle. Each operator could serve 15 to 20 million subscribers with good quality service. But much would depend upon early implementation of the proposed auction of the spectrum for the service. This perspective emerged at the WiMAX India 2009 conference being organized by Bharat Exhibitions here today. “India is ready for broadband experience” said C. S. Rao, chairman of WiMAX Forum India. “Wireless is the key to broadband” he said recalling the projection in the President’s address to Parliament setting 100 million subscriber target for broadband by 2014 and 20 million by 2012. The fact of India having a social demographics of over 600 million young people underlined the need for rapid roll out of broadband in the country, Rao pointed out. Despite this national vision for broadband penetration, why the ground level progress so slow was, asked several telecom experts participating in the day long discussion. Telecom experts contrasted the huge push in cellular phone subscription to 14 million per month in June with the total users of a mere 6 million in broadband. “Against over 40 per cent penetration of cellphone at 450 million, Internet penetration is just 0.6 per cent” regretted Naresh Ajwani, secretary, Internet Service Providers Association of India. “Roll out the bidding for spectrum. The delay is stopping India from developing” he said. WiMAX Forum has over 500 members. It sees India as a large market. IIT-Delhi hosts a WiMAX applications laboratory. That technology and equipment for commercial operation of WiMAX was already available, was underlined in the presentation that Motorola India country head for home and networks mobility business, Subhendu Mohanty gave at the conference. He found great [prospects for future broadband penetration in the rising sales of PCs and laptops. Notebook growth has crossed 114 per cent last year. Worldwide 133 million broadband subscribers were expected by 2012 of which 70 per cent would use mobile WiMAX devices. “WiMAX is here, LTE would be available by next year” he revealed. LTE is a high speed wireless on GSM platform for cellphone services, faster than 3G. “WiMAX is a step towards LTE”, he said. As many as 25 applications on WiMAX were already available. Low cost chipsets “critical for India” roll out of WiMAX were being provided by his company. He claimed “total cost advantage’ in using WiMAX for broadband expansion.


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WiMAX is spreading everywhere and in Indea this technology is spreading s fast!