Friday, May 8, 2009

RSA enVision 4.0 platform releases

RSA enVision
RSA, the security of EMC, has released its latest RSA enVision 4.0 platform which includes some really cool new features for better handling or using log data. RSA enVision 4.0 platform is an integrated three-in-one log management solution for security information and event management (SIEM). The RSA enVision platform offers the most efficient collection, analysis and management of All the Data from any IP device, in computing environments of any size, without filtering and without the need to deploy agents. It also offers the speed, scalability, reliability, usability, supportability essential to any organization seeking to align security and compliance initiatives with business goals, and transform event data into actionable intelligence. Apart from all the facility what RSA envision offers, it also enables organisations to find potential security problem areas. New updated version of RSA envision offers many facilities then its earlier versions. First of all, enVision 4.0 can now fatch asset information from CMDB’s like EMC Voyence Control as well as vulnerability scanners, and use that information in our correlation rules. This facility offers easy way to prioritize those really important alerts when a critical vulnerable server gets attacked. Secondly, envision 4.0 also includes whole new set of correlation rules which shows our commitment to providing the best content in the business. Thirdly, envision 4.0 introduces a whole new set of features to make the process of managing an incident easier by making some big improvements to our Event Explorer interface. Now Final feature what makes envision 4.0 more efficient the its earlier version are reports that go beyond just reporting what’s happening in the logs. Now, RSA envision platform can offer more help to security analysts to get the bottom of problems quicker.

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