Monday, May 4, 2009

Bump Top

Bump Top
If you get bored with your PC desktop then its right time to use Bump top. Bump Top is a software which customize your PC desktop into 3- Dimensional view rather 2- dimensional. This software turns your PC desktop in to the form as in rooms with wall-floor and walls. Moreover, You can put the desktop icon on floor of the room as well as walls. You can also put the sticky note, and also the image slide show. If you are not satisfy with the view, then you can rotate the desktop walls by making Double click on any wall on the desktop and if you want to get back to the previous view then just Double click on the floor of the room. You can also group the desktop icon in to the form of stack.If the stack icon is double-click on the stack this will expand in and you can choose which program or file that will be executed. If you want to make quick grouping of desktop icon, Bump Top provide grouping based facility with the right-click and select the pile by Type. Now, with this property, you can move the complete group of desktop to the area you want, including zoom in and zoom out appearance. You can also put the photos from your PC as well from online services like Flickr and Picassa. same facility is also applicable for sticky notes. There are some default desktop icon including New Email, Facebook and Twitter. You can also customize your desktop by choosing different themes from Bump Top theme Just download the theme from the above link and put the folder into C: \ Documents and Settings \ \ Application Data \ bump Technologies, Inc. \ Bump Top \ Themes later on, so this theme will be included in the list of options on the Settings Bump Top theme. The Bump Top comes in 2 different versions- Free and paid version, but free version comes with some limitations.

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