Friday, May 22, 2009

Next-gen DVD stores terabytes

I still remember those days when i used to use floppies with Little storage of 1.44mb but today world has gained something. Earlier Compact discs came in market which brought the revolution in storing devices. After that, DVD (Digital Video discs) has invented which solved the storage problem at certain level. But still people are facing some kind of storage problem but this time this problem gonna over with the invention of Next-gen DVD which can store 2000 movies more then any storage device like Blu- ray Disc. The Next-gen DVD can store 10,000 times more data than current DVDs. This kind of DVDs may be come in market with in a decade. The DVD capacity is 1.6 terabytes of data which is quite higher then current DVDs and Blu- ray disc capacities. Some of researchers says that The capacity of the disc can be increased by adding gold nanorods to the disc because nanorods react to light according to their shape thus allowing us to record information using light of different wavelengths, or colours, on the same location on the disc. Apart from this, polorisation is also helps to increase the capacity of disc. Professor Min Gu, Director of the Centre for Micro-Photonics at Swinburne said "We have created a new recording device that can respond to different colour and different polarisation. By using these properties we can use more of the disc." By using three different wavelengths and two polarisations, three layers of information can be recorded to disc. Researchers believe that it is possible to record 100 layers onto a single disc.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Skoda Laura launches today

New Skoda Laura
Skoda, luxurious car maker all over the globe, is upgrading its most sell able car skoda Laura as new skoda Laura. New skoda Laura lies in sedan segment which offers you well-built interiors, world class technology, and a host of top-notch safety features. As it interior is fabulous as its exterior which gives it sleek and stylish look. This stylish car hit the Indian car market today itself. The new skoda Laura has gone passed all the design process like dynamic, sweeping headlights and complimentary front fog lights, new fold able door mirrors and body coloured bumpers and side mouldings. Apart from all design improvements, there are more improvements in terms of steering wheels, stereo systems and upholstery. The car will be equipped with sunroof and front parking sensors to offer world class interior. The car is also armed with ABS, acceleration skid restrain, electronic stability program (ESP), and automatic rain-sensing windscreen wipers to provide better security to its users. The new skoda laura will be powered by 1798cc diesel engine which will produce Maximum Power of 160 Bhp @ 4500 rpm. The car will be launched with the new price which could be more then old one. The new skoda laura will compete with Honda Accord & Chevrolet Cruze.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Logitech’s gaming keyboard

Logitech’s gaming keyboard
Logitech, one of the peripheral manufacturer, has shook the gaming industry by launching of a few stylish new PC input accessories in its G-series gaming peripherals. The best products of this G series are G19 gaming keyboard and the G9x gaming mouse. The G19 gaming keyboard is a special kind of keyboard which offers you a colourful gaming envionment. The best feature of this keyboard is its color GamePanel LCD that delivers a 320×240-pixel resolution and gives in-game information. With the help of this display, user can view other gaming information like VoIP communication details, digital and analog clocks, CPU load, system hardware temperatures and frequencies, and other non-gaming specific data. This special keyboard is special because of its 12 special keys which offer plenty of room to program time-saving commands. To perform complex action, user can use multi keys at a time. It also has 2 high-speed, powered USB 2.0 ports to transfer data to and from peripherals. Apart from all functionality, this stylish keyboard comes in combination of vibrent colours like matte and glossy blacks, bluish silver and metallic insets. The M-keys and LCD-control keys to the left of the GamePanel remain invariably orange, but the backlighting on every other key can be changed to any color. This gaming input peripherals are available at Dell's online stores at a price of Rs. $180 or $260 when bundled with the G9 laser gaming mouse.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Samsung announces 3 new phones in India

samsung star
Samsung, one of the Korean company, has introduced three new touch screen handsets in India with the announcement of the Samsung Star, Samsung Star 3G and Samsung Beat DJ. With this step, Samsung has expand its touch screen handset range to seven in its basket. Samsung’s Star (S5233) comes in a slim and compact body. The handset contain 7.63 cm WQVGA screen. The 3.2 mega pixel camera in Samsung Star has a smile recognition capability.its media player supports several file format. The best feature of the phone is gesture control that allows users to run a program or simply lock / unlock the mobile phone using gesture control. The handset has 50MB internal memory and can expand to maximum of 8GB. The phone also supports google applications like Google Search, Gmail, Google maps. The phone will be available at affordable price of Rs. 11,100. Apart from Samsung star, Samsung star 3G is a 3G enabled phone and is equipped with full Internet browsing facilities with an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotation. The handset also facilitates 3.2 mega-pixel camera with Power LED Flash and is capable of video recording in QVGA resolution at 15 fps and has 80MB internal memory and can be expanded to 8GB. But this handset gonna cost you more then Samsung star. This phone will be available at Rs. 14, 499. Samsung Beat DJ Another model from Samsung is Samsung beat DJ. This handset comes with Disc interface which uses Bang & Olufsen audio technology. With this phone, user can remix their favourite track. The phone has the same memory as other two model. The speakers too are B&O branded and and are powered by their ICEpower amplifier. This phone is available at an affordable price of Rs.18, 990.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Facebook in six Indian languages now

Facebook, leading social networking site, launches its service in 6 Indian languages for making more impact in India. Now, you can scrap your buddies in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, or Malayalam through facebook. Facebook launches service in different Indian languages to compete with Orkut in India. From the 4th may of the current year, the service is available for all its users as user's home page display a message "Do you speak Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil or Malayalam? It was expecting to add indian flavour to face book as the Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg visited Indis last year. In India, facebook is not so popular as Orkut but this addition will definately help to popularize the facebook in India as well. Facebook’s user base has already crossed 200 million mark and this step will help to increase more facebook users. But after the start of the service by facebook, some people says that it will not increase facebook users as expected by facebook because most of the internet savvy in India uses English for their communication. so it will be interesting to know that this step will increase more users for facebook or not in future??

Friday, May 8, 2009

RSA enVision 4.0 platform releases

RSA enVision
RSA, the security of EMC, has released its latest RSA enVision 4.0 platform which includes some really cool new features for better handling or using log data. RSA enVision 4.0 platform is an integrated three-in-one log management solution for security information and event management (SIEM). The RSA enVision platform offers the most efficient collection, analysis and management of All the Data from any IP device, in computing environments of any size, without filtering and without the need to deploy agents. It also offers the speed, scalability, reliability, usability, supportability essential to any organization seeking to align security and compliance initiatives with business goals, and transform event data into actionable intelligence. Apart from all the facility what RSA envision offers, it also enables organisations to find potential security problem areas. New updated version of RSA envision offers many facilities then its earlier versions. First of all, enVision 4.0 can now fatch asset information from CMDB’s like EMC Voyence Control as well as vulnerability scanners, and use that information in our correlation rules. This facility offers easy way to prioritize those really important alerts when a critical vulnerable server gets attacked. Secondly, envision 4.0 also includes whole new set of correlation rules which shows our commitment to providing the best content in the business. Thirdly, envision 4.0 introduces a whole new set of features to make the process of managing an incident easier by making some big improvements to our Event Explorer interface. Now Final feature what makes envision 4.0 more efficient the its earlier version are reports that go beyond just reporting what’s happening in the logs. Now, RSA envision platform can offer more help to security analysts to get the bottom of problems quicker.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yamaha FZ S bike

Yamaha FZ S
Yamaha, one of the bike company in India , has recently come back with its two new product Yamaha FZ 16 and Yamaha R 15. But this is not enough for Yamaha and after the huge success of FZ 16, company has looking for the another success of FZ 16 new varient Yamaha FZ S. Yamaha has established its market value with this two product which got overwhelming response from the users in India. There are more facility in FZ S which makes the difference between FZ 16 and FZ S. Yamaha claims that no bike compete with Yamaha FZ S in terms of Design and style as it is an iconic depiction of European bike models. The bike boasts up its design and style with its stylish graphics and colors. The new carbureted engine makes this bike a power-packedc macho machine. This bike is the best combination of milage clubbed with style and aerodynamically design. The bike is equipped with sporty black digital speedometer along with combative headlight. There are some difference with its earlier varient like new varient contain a cap on its head lamp and analogue tachometer instead of digital one. The bike is available in 2 options in terms of color combination like Black with yellow or Black with Red. The bike is powered by an air-cooled, 4-stroke SOHC engine that produces a maximum power of 14 bhp @ 7500 rpm. Yamaha FZ S also contains tubeless tyres and 5-speed manual gears. The new Yamaha FZ S costs Rs. 67,000 which is Rs. 2000 more then FZ 16. The one who believe in style and power, then this bike is the right choice for them.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Bump Top

Bump Top
If you get bored with your PC desktop then its right time to use Bump top. Bump Top is a software which customize your PC desktop into 3- Dimensional view rather 2- dimensional. This software turns your PC desktop in to the form as in rooms with wall-floor and walls. Moreover, You can put the desktop icon on floor of the room as well as walls. You can also put the sticky note, and also the image slide show. If you are not satisfy with the view, then you can rotate the desktop walls by making Double click on any wall on the desktop and if you want to get back to the previous view then just Double click on the floor of the room. You can also group the desktop icon in to the form of stack.If the stack icon is double-click on the stack this will expand in and you can choose which program or file that will be executed. If you want to make quick grouping of desktop icon, Bump Top provide grouping based facility with the right-click and select the pile by Type. Now, with this property, you can move the complete group of desktop to the area you want, including zoom in and zoom out appearance. You can also put the photos from your PC as well from online services like Flickr and Picassa. same facility is also applicable for sticky notes. There are some default desktop icon including New Email, Facebook and Twitter. You can also customize your desktop by choosing different themes from Bump Top theme Just download the theme from the above link and put the folder into C: \ Documents and Settings \ \ Application Data \ bump Technologies, Inc. \ Bump Top \ Themes later on, so this theme will be included in the list of options on the Settings Bump Top theme. The Bump Top comes in 2 different versions- Free and paid version, but free version comes with some limitations.