Tuesday, April 7, 2009


J2ME (Java 2 Micro edition) is a subset of java which is designed by Sun MicroSystem. Other then J2ME, There are 2 more java platform Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. J2ME is a collection of certified set of Java Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for the development of software for tiny, small and resource-constrained devices. The third party is responsible for the binary implementation of J2ME as Sun MicroSystem does not support free binary implementation of J2ME. J2ME is used for developing games. It is less expensive in comparison with other platforms which is used for the same purpose. Other gaming platforms such as platforms developed by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, all of which require costly system-specific hardware. J2ME has 2 configuration. These 2 configurations offers the basic libraries and virtual machine features that are required in every implementation of a J2ME environment. Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) provide support to operate. t is used to classify myriad devices into a fixed configuration. The configuration includes Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP), basic 2D gaming API, Information Module Profile (IMP). The Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) was designed for mobile phones and features graphical user interface (GUI). The Information Module Profile (IMP)was designed for "headless" devices such as industrial embedded applications, security systems, vending machines and similar devices. The Connected Device Configuration is much richer then CLDC. It includes foundation Profile, Personal Basis Profile. foundation Profile is a headless version of Standard Edition whereas personal basis profile is a lightweight GUI support in the form of an Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) subset in addition to the features of the Foundation Profile which offers applet support and a more comprehensive AWT subset in addition to the features of the Personal Basis Profile.

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