Friday, February 27, 2009

Dell G-Series LED Monitors

Dell G-Series LED Monitors
Dell, leading LCD monitor manufacturer all over the globe, is again ready with its new range of monitors. Dell’s new G-Series LED flat-screen computer monitors will be available in two iterations – the 22-inch G2210 and the 24-ich G2410, the monitors prove to be excellent green alternatives that don’t compromise functionality. G-Series high-performance EPEAT Gold and ENERGY STAR-compliant monitors are distinguished by a design approach that combines energy efficiency, LED technology, recycled materials and other environmentally preferable components. Dell G-Series monitors are energy efficient as they use half the energy of regular flat-screens. As part of the package, the monitor includes a light sensor (which senses the brightness of the room and adjusts the monitor accordingly), and dynamic dimming (which senses light / dark regions of the screen and adapts accordingly), functions meant to increase energy efficiency while retaining top-notch picture quality. These monitors are more slimmer and lighter than most flat-screens, and we sense that we have got an enviro-minded winner on our hands. Monitor's Design incorporate environmentally preferable materials. Key features of G-Series LED Monitors * contrast ratio: 1,000:1 (standard) 1,000,000:1 (dynamic). * “PowerNap” screensaver application dims the monitor to minimum brightness or “sleep” mode, based on user preference. * Free of PVC, BFR, CFR, arsenic and mercury. * External chassis made of more than 25 percent post-consumer recycled materials. * Epeat Gold compliant. * Up to 20 percent slimmer panel than comparable models. * Up to 28 percent lighter than comparable models. * Efficient packaging. The 22-inch G2210 will cost around Rs.14,000(US$280) and the 24-inch G2410 will cost around Rs.17,500(US$380).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Facebook revert back to old policies

Facebook, leading social networking site around the globe, revert back to its old same user policies after feedback from millions of users. Earlier, Facebook changed its some user policies but it is found that most of the users are against the new policies. The website posted a message to the user's home page regarding the old users policies. In the message, it is mentioned that it was returning to its previous "Terms of Use" policy "while we resolve the issues that people have raised. Terms of use decides that details what the site's owners can do with the information that users provide. Facebook allows millions of users to create their profile where they can then connect with one another, upload photos and share links. The site boasts more than 150 million active users. The website deleted a sentence from the old user's policies. That sentence said Facebook could not claim any rights to original content that a user uploaded once the user closed his or her account. But after the overwhelming response from millions of users around the globe against the new policies, it is replaced it with: "You may remove your User Content from the Site at any time..however, you acknowledge that the Company may retain archived copies of your User Content." Thousands of users has canceled their account. Moreover, Among them were more than 64,000 who joined a group called "The People Against the new Terms of Service." The company, in its post Wednesday, said it was returning to its previous Terms of Use because of the "feedback" it had received. Company spokesman Barry Schnitt said that the company is in the process of rewording its Terms of Use in "simple language that defines Facebook's rights much more specifically."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 may release in 2009

Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft, biggest IT giant, plans to release Windows 7 this year. It is also heard that things are on track to release by this year's holiday shopping season. Microsoft is also planning to offer Vista buyers a free or low-cost update to Windows 7. In an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Microsoft senior VP Bill Veghte cautioned that the release still could be pushed into 2010, depending on customer feedback. The response to test versions of Windows 7 has been in stark contrast with the issues that dogged Windows Vista, which was a much more fundamental update to the operating system. Although Windows 7 adds things like an improved task bar and snappier performance, the operating system shares most of the same underpinnings as Windows Vista. Microsoft has reiterated that it plans just a single beta for Windows 7. That beta launched in January and Microsoft this week stopped offering downloads of the test version. Earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that it plans to sell at least six distinct versions of Windows 7, although it also said it will focus its efforts around two editions--Windows 7 Home Premium and Windows 7 Professional.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

LG Arena KM900 officially announced

LG Arena KM900
LG Electronics, a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, has announced the launched of its new touchscreen smart phone LG Arena KM900. The new smart phone will showcased at Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona. LG Arena offers both Dolby and DivX support and also equipped with LG’s new 3D S-Class User Interface. LG's new new 3D S-Class User Interface will provide ultimate multimedia environment to users so that they can enjoy more then before. LG Arena has cube based layout which provides four customizable home screens for direct access to all features. The rich 3D graphics give S-Class a life-like look that makes it natural and easy to navigate. Its intuitive and dynamic S-Class UI makes the smart phone more smart then its competitor. With rich 3D graphics, touch sensitivity and exciting multimedia capabilities, it will truly make ARENA a fully loaded multimedia phone. The LG Arena has other features including HSDPA 7.2 networks, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and far more. At the Mobile World Congress 2009, LG will reveal more features about Arena.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Orkut Theme

Orkut, leading social portal in India, has recently released new attrective orkut themes, which provides better layout and more better looks to user profile. These orkut themes will only be shown to yourself when you are browsing orkut. But recently it heard that these new themes are available only for certain users. A few people got them and a few didn’t get them. Most of the orkut user install these themes in wrong manner. But there’s a way to install them even though they aren’t available in the settings. For installing these themes, you need to follow some easy instructions carefully.
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Greasemonkey
First, you need to install firefox, if you d'ont have it. Once done, install the Greasemonkey Firefox addon and restart the browser. Now, Enable Greasemonkey by going to Tools> Addons> Greasemonkey> Enable. Now, you can install any of the below themes by just clicking the links. on clicking link, you will get a box, then you need to click on install. Orkut theme If you want to delete or uninstall already installed themes then just right click on the monkey icon electing “Manage scripts” in the right hand bottom of the browser. Orkut themeOrkut theme A new window will popup. Here you can select a particular script and click on the uninstall button to uninstall it. Orkut theme New Orkut Themes : Dark Knight Theme Dark Knight Theme Cute Puppy theme Cute Puppy theme Firefox theme Firefox theme Katrina Kaif theme Katrina Kaif theme Chak de India theme Chak de India Theme SRK theme SRK theme Spiderman3 Black theme Spiderman3 Black theme Enjoy Orkutting!!!