Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lenovo Netbooks

Lenovo Netbooks
NetBooks are the new ultraportable notebooks which is used for web browsing, email and general purpose applications. Lenovo, a leading notebook manufacturer, has launched its first NetBook IdeaPad S9 and IdeaPad S10 in India. These two netbooks are the power-packed combination of style as well as portability. These netbooks are very light in weight and vey think in size. This netbook series available in a couple of models, bearing 8.9" and 10" displays. Apart from the displays, their keyboard is 85% of the size of full-function notebook keyboard. The dispaly of the Lenovo netbooks are energy efficient which provide better longer battery life then traditional notebooks.
Features of Lenovo Netbooks Reliable, affordable and easy to use : As these netbooks is quite compact, it provide the better realibility and affordability. Better basics and beyond : These netbooks consists all the features that a traditional notebook have while these netbooks are quite portable. High Processing : As the netbooks are powered by Intel Atom which offer lower power consumption and reliable performance . Great media Accelerator : These netbooks provides great image processing needs which Accelerates your presentation. High Definition Audio : These netbooks supports premium sound, audio playback and streaming. The ability to play sound through separate channels allows for the ultimate audio experience Easy to use Rescue System : These netbooks restore your system and recover valuable data.
Specification of Lenovo Netbooks Processor : Intel Atom Processor N270 (1.60GHz, 512KB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB) Operating system : Genuine Windows XP Home Edition Memory : Up to 2 x 512MB DDRII 667MHz Hard drive : 80GB 5400rpm Serial ATA or 4GB SSD for S9 and Up to 160GB 5400rpm Serial ATA for S10 Display/resolution : 8.9" LED Panel for S9 and 10.2" LED Panel Video graphics : Intel GMA 950 Graphics Card Wireless : Lenovo 802.11bg with wireless switch LAN : Fast Ethernet 10/100 Sound : 2 Stereo Speakers Dimensions : 250.2mm x 183mm x 22-27.5mm Battery : 3 Cell Lithium-lon Weight : Starting at 1.10kg. including battery for S9 and 1.25kg. including battery for S10 These netbooks are available in three different colours i.e deep blue, ruby red and bold black. These cost you 25,000 /- only!!

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    Lenovo IdeaPad S9 said...

    Why would anyone buy this? It's just the S10 with a larger bezel, a smaller screen, and a tiny SSD in place of a regular hard drive, for almost exactly the same price. S10s start at $350 on all the major websites now.