Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fiat Linea

Fiat Linea
Finally, the Italian automaker Fiat has launched its most awaited car Fiat Linea in India. Fiat linea is the outstanding example of Italian design. The car is launched by Fiat India Automobiles Private Limited which is a joint venture between Fiat and Tata Motors in India. Fiat Linea's size is similar to saloon versions of other small family cars, like the Ford Focus and Opel Astra. The car carry the highly competitive price (between Rs.650,000 - Rs.850,000) in its segment C. It is based on the current Fiat Grande Punto platform.
The new Fiat linea is designed by Fiat Style Centre. Its exterior is a example of Elegant, original, impressive design. Its Interior volume is designed so rationally that it offers drivers and passengers a comfortable environment. New Fiat Linea is the complete duo of comfort and performance. From the performance point of view, Linea offers three different engine option : 1.4 Fire, 1.416 V T-Jet and Multijet 90 Hp. The 1.4 Fire engine with a capacity of 1368 cm3 is Justify Fullamong the best in its class in terms of fuel consumption and also delivers 77 horse-power. The 1.416 V T-Jet turbo charged petrol engine with 120 hp torque is outstanding with its performance, low fuel consumption and long lifetime. Multijet 90 Hp is the smallest and most sophisticated engine. With this engine, The average fuel consumption is just 4.9 lt in 100 km. Fiat linea's engine is equipped with manual and dualogic automatic gear options which allows both manual and automatic use, giving either comfort and performance. Fiat Linea Fiat Linea Apart from the performance and comfort, Linea has equipped with all the safety systems like ABS with EBD for reducing heating of brake linings, ESP system for Retaining the control of the driver, MSR system for Preventing the loss of vehicle balance and FPS system for stopping the fuel flow milliseconds after stroke. Also, Fiat Linea is equipped with with the six air bags, two of which are multistage which protect the passengers in case of sudden stroke and rest of all are side and roof air bags which give faster reaction in case of accident. Fiat Linea Fiat Linea Fiat Linea Fiat offers three different versions of linea : Linea Active, Linea Dynamic and Linea Emotion . Linea Active is specially designed for automobile lovers. This version is rich in terms of safety and comfort as it is equipped with ABS with EBD, Multistage front air bags and Isofix system, trip computer, and steering wheel with height & tilting adjustment. Apart from the Linea Active, Linea Dynamic has Blue&Me, remote audio control on steering wheel, power rear windows, headrests on rear seats and driver seat with height adjustment. The last version, Linea Emotion is designed for people preferring high quality cars for excellent comfort. The 6 air bags and fog lights give the vehicle outstanding safety. Linea emotion also incorporates elegant alloy wheels, which is also one of the enhancing features of this elegant model. The new Fiat linea is available in 10 different colours : Cool jazz blue, Techo grey, flamenco red, Lullaby blue, Fox-Trot azure, Minimal Grey, Rockabilly black, Breakdance green, Ambient white, and Indie ivory.
Fiat Linea Fiat Linea Fiat Linea Fiat Linea Fiat Linea To see more Fiat Linea pictures, CLICK HERE...


rahul said...

Maybe you should have done more research before posting this blog. Performace figures are all wrong and Fiat hasn't launched the T-Jet engine in India.

Anonymous said...

it is good to hear that fiat has launched liena t-jet in india however, official news are not yet from the company, i agree with the comments of rahul