Monday, July 28, 2008

Google's launch Knol to beat wikipedia

Google few days ago introduced Knol, a Wikipedia style encyclopedia that anyone can edit but with some major differences:
a) Wikipedia has one page per topic but that limit is relaxed on Google Knol - multiple authors can write on the same topic at different places.
b) Wikipedia is currently free of advertising but contributors at Know do get an opportunity to monetize content that they share on Knol through Google AdSense.
c) All content on Wikipedia is available under "GNU Free Documentation License" but Google Knol users can pick any of the creative common licence for their articles.
d) On Wikipedia, you cannot create pages for self-promotion while that’s not the case with Knol as their content policy clearly says - "You may use Knol to create articles for your business or to promote your lawful products or services."
e) Anyone can edit (most) pages on Wikipedia but with Knol you have an option to invite only selected reviewers / experts to change pages that you have created. This prevents vandalism though the scope is limited only to experts whom you know.
f) Anyone can rate articles on Knol or even leave comments just like a blog. That’s missing in Wikipedia.
For more, read the Google Knol - Quick Start Guide

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hyundai i10

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Auto Response from your Gmail account

Here's how to let people know you can't respond right away: 1. Log in to your Gmail account. 2. Click 'Settings' on the right side top of any Gmail page. 3. From the 'General' tab, select 'Vacation responder on' in the 'Vacation responder:' section. 4. Enter the subject and body of your message in the 'Subject:' and 'Message:' fields. * If you've enabled a personalized signature in your account, Gmail will automatically append it to the bottom of your vacation response. 5. Check the box next to 'Only send a response to people in my Contacts' if you don't want everyone who emails you to know that you're away from your mail. 6. Click 'Save Changes.' While the vacation responder is enabled, you'll see a banner across the top of your Gmail account, displaying the subject of your vacation response. To stop Gmail from automatically sending the response, click 'end now' within the banner. Or, if you'd like to edit the response, click 'vacation settings.' * Keep in mind that your vacation response will start over each time you edit it -- if someone receives your initial vacation response, and then emails you again after you've edited the subject or body of the message, he or she will receive the edited response, too. * Messages classified as spam and messages addressed to a mailing list you subscribe to will not receive a vacation response.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Bye Bill Gate - Hats off to you

Bill Gates is one of the most influential and wealthiest people the world has ever seen. He's a ruthless businessman who built Microsoft into a software empire that would dominate office and home computing around the world. Forbes named Gates as the world's richest person for 13 years straight. But all good things must come to an end. On June 27, he is leaving the company he co-founded more than 30 years ago to devote himself to philanthropic work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Here's a look back at Gates' career and what lies ahead for him.

Family and Early Childhood

On October 28, 1955, shortly after 9:00 p.m., William Henry Gates III was born. He was born into a family with a rich history in business, politics, and community service. His great-grandfather had been a state legislator and mayor, his grandfather was the vice president of a national bank, and his father was a prominent lawyer. [Wallace, 1992, p. 8-9] Early on in life, it was apparent that Bill Gates inherited the ambition, intelligence, and competitive spirit that had helped his progenitors rise to the top in their chosen professions. In elementary school he quickly surpassed all of his peer's abilities in nearly all subjects, especially math and science. His parents recognized his intelligence and decided to enroll him in Lakeside, a private school known for its intense academic environment. This decision had far reaching effects on Bill Gates's life. For at Lakeside, Bill Gates was first introduced to computers.

First computing Experience

In the Spring of 1968, the Lakeside prep school decided that it should acquaint the student body with the world of computers [, 9/29/96]. Computers were still too large and costly for the school to purchase its own. Instead, the school had a fund raiser and bought computer time on a DEC PDP-10 owned by General Electric. A few thousand dollars were raised which the school figured would buy more than enough time to last into the next school year. However, Lakeside had drastically underestimated the allure this machine would have for a hand full of young students.
Bill Gates, Paul Allen, and a few other Lakeside students (many of whom were the first programmers hired at Microsoft) immediately became inseparable from the computer. They would stay in the computer room all day and night, writing programs, reading computer literature and anything else they could to learn about computing. Soon Gates and the others started running into problems with the faculty. Their homework was being turned in late (if at all), they were skipping classes to be in the computer room and worst of all, they had used up all of the schools computer time in just a few weeks. [Wallace, 1992, p. 24]
In the fall of 1968, Computer Center Corporation opened for business in Seattle. It was offering computing time at good rates, and one of the chief programmers working for the corporation had a child attending Lakeside. A deal was struck between Lakeside Prep School and the Computer Center Corporation that allowed the school to continue providing it's students with computer time. [Wallace, 1992, p. 27] Gates and his comrades immediately began exploring the contents of this new machine. It was not long before the young hackers started causing problems. They caused the system to crash several times and broke the computers security system. They even altered the files that recorded the amount of computer time they were using. They were caught and the Computer Center Corporation banned them from the system for several weeks.
Bill Gates, Paul Allen and, two other hackers from Lakeside formed the Lakeside Programmers Group in late 1968. They were determined to find a way to apply their computer skills in the real world. The first opportunity to do this was a direct result of their mischievous activity with the school's computer time. The Computer Center Corporation's business was beginning to suffer due to the systems weak security and the frequency that it crashed. Impressed with Gates and the other Lakeside computer addicts' previous assaults on their computer, the Computer Center Corporation decided to hire the students to find bugs and expose weaknesses in the computer system. In return for the Lakeside Programming Group's help, the Computer Center Corporation would give them unlimited computer time [Wallace, 1992, p. 27]. The boys could not refuse. Gates is quoted as saying "It was when we got free time at C-cubed (Computer Center Corporation) that we really got into computers. I mean, then I became hardcore. It was day and night" [Wallace, 1992, p. 30]. Although the group was hired just to find bugs, they also read any computer related material that the day shift had left behind. The young hackers would even pick employees for new information. It was here that Gates and Allen really began to develop the talents that would lead to the formation of Microsoft seven years later.

Edit the Web page like WIKI

Imagine if you could open websites like Techmeme or New York Times in write-mode and change text or images at will as if you were editing some open wiki.

Well that’s quite possible through Edit Current Website - a bookmarklet that helps you change content of any web page live inside the browser - no need to install extensions like Firebug or learning HTML.

Edit Current Website - Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar

The moment you press the Edit Website button from the bookmarks toolbar, the web page you are currently reading turns into an editable document - you can then edit text, move around images on the page or even remove them completely.

Edit Websites - Animation

Though the edits are temporary and disappear the moment your reload that page, the feature is handy if you are printing webpage or even for making fake screenshot

Monday, July 7, 2008

Tata Indigo

Tata Indigo Marina is a car that has the luxury of a sedan and the utility and convenience of a multi-utility vehicle. Tata Indigo Marina is quite spacious and offers 670 litres of integrated luggage space, accessible from within by folding the retractable parcel shelf or just stowing it away. Looks similar from the front except for the prominent Ski-rails. The rear looks stunning with Glass over Metal rear windscreen and Christmas tree lights! The lights go all the way to the top and the additional roof mounted brake lights and rear fog lights (in tandem with headlight switch) makes it easy to spot on the darkest of the Indian NHs.. Side view helps you appreciate what the rear section has done to the Std Tata Indigo in terms of Space and Size. Looks bigger than it is. Good diesel engine with a turbo. The turbo kicks in around 2200RPM and stays with you, I think, till 3500RPM. This is good enough on a highway, when you can quickly accelerate, but slightly irritating in the city when you end up up-shifting as low as 2000RPM, in an effort to economize. Slight clutch slipping is called for at lower than 2200 Revs when starting from a standstill. The Turbo Lag is slightly notable, and hits you gently, and the car pulls like a petrol once the turbo Kicks. On the highways, for instance NH17, given the good suspension and commanding view, you will end up crossing the 3500RPM pretty quickly. Up-shifting at around 3500RPM, drops the revs right back to 2200RPM. At the start of the turbo boost. Superb Schumi style. Good tough suspension that takes the bad stretches without too much fuss. Bad sections of Tar, especially the bad patch jobs done on highways are a pleasure to tackle. In city and at lower speeds, the suspension does come across as slightly hard. Did bottom out on a few occasions at speeds of 60-80 on typical Goan roads .. Narrow and gently uneven. Also tendency to slip out when cornering at high speeds, but controllable. Gives around 12-12.5KM/L in the city with AC always switched on. A slight control on the right foot, and the determination not to fly with the turbo (Up-shifting by 2000-2500RPM), results in a figure of 13.5Km/L but also a few curses as the power drops. Tata Indigo Marina is available in Petrol and Diesel options. Know more about new cars in India

Friday, July 4, 2008

SEO Inlink,Outlink and other funde

Some SEO tips to discuss how linking factors can affect your rankings with Google, MSN, Yahoo and the other search engines. 1. Anchor text of inbound links : As discussed in the Keywords section , this is one of the most important factors for good rankings. It is best if you have a keyword in the anchor text but even if you don't, it can still help. For eg. in this new cars in India site you can see that one of the targeted keyword Maruti Alto is given as a link. 2. Getting Links from sites of similar nature : If you are getting links from analogous websites that actually results up to be extremely useful. It generally points that the "competition" is voting for you and you are hot within your topical community. 3. Origin of inbound links : Besides the anchor text, it is important if the site that links to you is a reputable one or not. Generally sites with a higher Google PageRank are considered reputable. 4. Number of backlinks : Generally the more, the better. But the reputation of the sites that link to you is often more important than their number. Also important is the backlink's anchor text. Is there a keyword in it? How old are they?, etc. 5. Links from .edu and .gov sites : These links are precious because .edu and .gov sites are more reputable than .com, .info and other domains. Even more these type of links are really hard to obtain. 6. Anchor text of internal links : This also matters, though not as much as the anchor text of inbound links. 7. Around-the-anchor text : The text that is immediately before and after the anchor text also matters because it further indicates the relevance of the link -- i.e. is the link artificial or does it naturally flow in the text. for eg. in this new cars in India site you can see some text as "Find new car dealers in your city for all new cars" where text around the link indicates the relevance of the link. 8. Links from directories : Rather it mainly counts on which directories. Getting listed in directories like Yahoo!, DMOZ and similar directories can be a major kick for your ranking but having huge number of links from other directories is useless and it can even be considered as link spamming. 9. Number of outgoing links on the page that links to you : The fewer, the better for you. This is because your link looks more important. 10. Age of inbound links : The older, the better. Getting many new links in a short time can sometimes suggest that one is purchasing or buying them. 11. Named anchors : These are functional for internal navigation but are also useful for SEO since you emphasize over that a specific page, paragraph or text is eminent. Named anchors might look like this: new cars where #newcars is the named anchor. 12. IP address of inbound links : Google denies that they discriminate against links that come from the same IP address or C class of addresses, so for Google the IP address can be considered neutral to the weight of inbound links. However, MSN and Yahoo! may tend to discard links from the same IPs or IP classes. It is always better to get links from different IPs. 13. Inbound links from link farms and other suspicious sites : This should not affect you one way or another, provided that the links are not reciprocal. The idea is that it is beyond your control to define what a link farm links to, so you typically don't get penalized when such sites link to you because this is not your fault. Be careful though of suspicious sites and check their PageRank. 14. Excessive linking and link spamming : It is generally bad for your rankings, when you have many links to/from the same sites (even if it is not a cross-linking scheme or links to bad neighbors). It can often suggest link buying or at least spamming. In the best case only some of the links are taken into account for SEO rankings. 15. Too many outgoing links : Google usually does not like pages that consists mainly of links and little to no content. It's generally best to keep them under 80-120 per page. Having a significant number of outgoing links does not get you any benefits in terms of ranking and could even make your situation worse. 16. Outbound links to link farms and other suspicious sites : As per inbound links from other suspicious sites, outbound links to bad neighbours can pull you down. You must periodically review the status of any website you link to because sometimes good sites become bad neighbors and vice versa. 17. Cross-linking : Cross-linking happens when site1 links to site2, site2 links to site3, and site3 links back to site1. This is the simplest example but more complex schemes are possible. Cross-linking seems as masked reciprocal link trading which is generally penalized

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wake up Customer(Jaago grahak Jaago)

When I purchased my first new car, I spent full evening in Delhi in the dealership. It took that long to do the test drive, negotiate the price, do the paperwork and wait for the car to be prepared for delivery. Dealerships know that the longer they can keep you in their store, the better chance to close the deal . This is why it is no accident that every move your salesperson makes usually has to be run by their sales manager. Part of the reason is that your salesperson is not the ultimate decision maker on the seller's side. However, this back and forth is also a deliberate attempt to maintain control and to take up time, to wear you down mentally and physically. here is a list of things you can do to avoid a horrible car buying experience. Always try to deal with the Internet Manager at a dealership. They are usually able to determine their own pricing without the need to clear it with a Sales Manager. In addition, since they are used to working on less of a margin, they are generally more interested in making a quick sale since they need more volume to make their month. Try to do as much negotiating over the phone or e-mail as you can. This includes the price of the vehicle, any finance rates and even making sure the vehicle is ready to go when you arrive. Go to the shop as early in the morning as you can. Your mind will be at its best and dealerships tend to be less busy. This means it may take less time to finish all your paperwork at the end since the finance offices are usually the busiest at the end of the day. If you can shop during a weekday, it's best. Sometime, however, things drag out anyway. If you find you are getting tired or are under too much pressure, don't be afraid to take a break. Tell the salesperson you need to go get a meal or have to call someone. Just remember that car sales is like any other type of sales, it is all about control. Always visit the website like cardekho before going to purchase new car and try to acquire as much knowledge like new car prices and more

Hyundai Santro

Hyundai Santro Xing, one of the most popular cars in its segment, is an identical vehicle with its international cousins. It has undergone a cosmetic makeover and has a new look than its previous model Hyundai Santro. It is equipped with 1.1 litre engine and has options like ABS and automatic transmission. The car is powered by 1086 cc Epsilon engine fired by a Distributorless Ignition System (DLI) that results in improved fuel efficiency, reduced emission, increased power and reduced maintenance costs. It delivers 63 ps of power at 5500 rpm and an impressive torque of 9.8 kgm at 3000 rpm. Pros :- 1. Good fuel economy. 2. Stylish. 3. Comfortable. 4. Pick-up is good. Cons :- 1. No CD player. 2. No air bag for both driver and passenger. 3. No leather seats. Learn more about new cars in India