Saturday, April 5, 2008

Blogger vs Wordpress

Themes and customization You can edit template layout, styles and colors, or install a third party theme. No template editing. Style sheet editing is only available as a paid upgrade. Many of the 60+ themes let you upload a header image. Some have additional customization options.
Visitor stats You can include third party tracker scripts — or any type of script. No scripts allowed. The admin dashboard provides 2 days of stats and daily, weekly and monthly graphs.
Import Not available. Import from Blogger, Type·Pad, Live·JournaI, MovabIe·Type or another WordPress blog.
Image storage 1 Gigabyte. There is no interface to browse through the images unless you sign up for Picasa Web Albums. 3 Gigabytes. Paid upgrades are available to add more space. You can also upload .ppt, .doc and .pdf files (more file types with an upgrade).
Static pages Not available. Create posts or 'pages'. Static pages are listed in separate menus.
Categories 'Labels'. 'Categories'.
Optional excerpts Not available. Some themes allow unique text. Others depend on a "more" tag.
Post by email Submit your posts by email. You can receive new posts by email too (helpful for team blogs). Not available.
Contact forms Not available. You could add a third-party contact form, however. Simply add the tag [contact-form] to any post or page.
Private blogs You can restrict access to invited Google account holders. You can restrict access to 35 invited Wordpress account holders (unlimited with a paid upgrade).
Alternatively, individual posts can be password protected or Private.
Team blogs Administrators and non-administrators only. Administrator, Editors, Authors and Contributors.
Comments Visual confirmation and moderation options, but no editing of comments. Moderation, comment editing and Akismet spam protection.
Widgets Each widget has a brief description to help you decide. Removing them is easy. No descriptions, and the admin area provides no explanation of how to remove them.

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